Sunday, March 3, 2019

Time to Quilt

When I showed you my progress on Uncommon and Unexpected, I thought I was done with the quilt top and just needed to quilt it.  There are a lot of quilts in the queue to be quilted and that is where I need to be making progress. I decided to clean up the space since I wouldn't be needing any fabric, cutting supplies, quilt.

Before we go any further, can we just stop and admire those stars in the quarter triangles used as cornerstones? So many of them turned out to be whole stars. I don't think I could have centered them like that if I had tried to do it.

We now resume regular programming. When I was putting things away, I saw how many quarter square triangles I had left over. Normally leftover blocks get saved for the back of the quilt, but I decided that I would use them for the front as a border. 

I wonder if my quilt tops are getting bigger because I am procrastinating quilting them. Anyway, so now, I am auditioning layouts and fabric for a border.

15 Minutes to Stitch: Week 9 

My time this week has been spent going through the master bedroom and deciding whether each thing that is in there is worthy of staying in the house. I am keeping most of everything, because the bedroom was the first room I ever did this process on, but this time, I am mostly finding homes outside of the bedroom for a lot of the things. I really want to minimize what is in this room to eliminate allergens and make it truly a space for respite.

There were even a couple of days where I forgot to stop and sew!  I was able to more than make up the time at other days of the week and have the quilt top (minus the border) done for Uncommon and Unexpected. 

 15 Minute sessions of stitching this week: 7 out of 7
15 Minute sessions of stitching this year: 62 out of 62 sessions
Success Rate: 100%

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Do you have any opinions on the border? Anything you particular liked or didn't like?


Meloney said...

I keep finding parts and pieces and UFOs. I'm not sure why, but they are showing up and it is annoying me. But, I'm having fun and that is what is important.

Kaja said...

The first thing I thought when I saw this was how much I liked those little stars! I like the idea of using up the spares in a border too.

Kate said...

Those happy accidents are always fun to discover. You've done very well on finding time to stitch. At some point that should mean something gets finished.

Cathy said...

I am always amazed at what will show up in a tiny piece of fabric. That's the "smile factor" of a quilt.

Without air conditioning I will never rid our house of allergens because we keep our windows open in summer and bring stuff in from gardening too. And as I've gotten older I seem to be allergic to almost everything. (That's my excuse for not clearing things out and I'm sticking to it)!!!

Kyle said...

Love those fussy cutting accidents!

seabreezequilts said...

I was going to minimise this year and not because of that Netflix show, but it just hasn't happened.

Lisa J. said...

I really like this quilt it's so colourful so no wonder it keeps growing. I do hope you get around to quilting it. I've been slowly going through some of my possessions as well.

Tanya said...

Absolutely fantastic picture of Zeus!