Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Case of the Disappearing Pepsi

Once upon a time, I bought a cube of Pepsi. There are 24 cans in the cube. I don't think they sold them by the cube very long.

Well, they were rejected by my guests! I was reminded that carbonation has awful properties, and can actually disintegrate teeth. And cause gas. And has non-nutritive calories. I don't regularly drink soft drinks, but I thought that it would be just fine for a party.

I did remember that I lost about 10 pounds after college simply by stopping the daily soft drink, so I wasn't about to start up again. The case was too big to sit in my tiny kitchen, so I stored it to the basement with the extra dishes.

No problem, I had found a recipe that used a cola in roast beef, and thought these would be handy. I could just grab a can every time I made roast beef. At about that time, meat was rejected by my family. The daughter decided she was vegan.

Also at that time, I started noticing a definite decline in the quality of the meat sold at my regular grocery store. I would have continued to buy small quantities of meat for myself, but I didn't feel like finding another place, so I simply didn't buy meat.

So my soft drink cube sat in the basement and waited for another guest or another party or another recipe or a change in diet or when I decided to make pot roast just for me. Or I came up with another plan for it.

Yesterday I was doing laundry, and the floor felt sticky. It turns out that the soft drink can deteriorate the aluminum it's stored in. There is /are tiny hole (s) on the bottom of several cans from which the drink was leaking. Four or five of the cans were completely empty!

The "Best Taste Drink By Date" is July 14, 2008.

Instead of quilting, I got to spend my extra time opening and spilling out a cube of soft drinks. On the plus side, another step was taken in the basement clean-out and I gained some storage space.


Allie said...

DANG!!!! It ate through the can??? Egads. That does NOT sound like a fun day!

Quilting Journey said...

I love Pepsi.My dad always told me that it would erode my gut and the aluminum in the cans would do the same for my brain. I need to go dump all my cans.I'll do it after I find my tums and remember where I hid my cubes ;)