Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Activities

My back is still hurting, so I spent a lot of time this weekend reading a book, The Survivors Club: The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your Life by Ben Sherwood. I got it from the library. Sherwood has interviewed people who survived harrowing experiences to see if there was anything that they had in common. It is a great book. One of the things he said in passing was that survivors, especially people with long term illnesses and caregivers didn't wait for "normal" to come back. They accepted their new "normal." I realized that I was waiting for normal to come back. When I dropped a cup of paperclips as I was rushing off to work, I left them there, to avoid being late. When I got home, I decided to leave them there until "normal" returned. I cleaned it up this weekend. I can't wait for normal. I have to accept that it will take me twice as long to do anything, and choose my activities accordingly.

I made some progress on the Quilts for Kids. I am making two of the tops at the same time, because they use the same fabric for the four patches. It took me one day to make the first top, and it's taken me two weeks to make the rows, but that's okay. I'm making progress.

I really enjoyed my week of eating the chicken I made last week. As you may recall, I bought a big family size pack of chicken breasts, and made three dishes, and froze them in individual serving size containers. Made packing lunch and eating dinner very easy. I ate all of them this week. I learned it is as hard to cook salt free as it is to eat wheat free.

It was triple coupon day at the grocery store, but after last week, I decided not to deal with coupons much. I just bought things that didn't have coupons, although I did have my coupon box with me, in case I found something I just had to have. I managed to stick to my list.

This week, beef was on sale, so I did the same with beef. They had a package that had three different kinds of meat - a roast, steaks, and beef stew. There is variety. I am hoping to eventually get to a point where I have variety in my freezer. I also bought ground beef, but I got a late start, (had to wash the dishes first) and didn't get a chance to make that. Since I don't think I should be eating red meat everyday, I'll probably freeze up a vegetarian or chicken dish so I can have variety. I think I'll have to cook during the week to get ahead and have the variety.

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Allie said...

I SO understand about the new "normal" - I still have days where I feel pretty good, way overdo it and have to take a week to rest.

Glad you enjoyed your chicken. I can't remember the name of the program that had you shopping one day, cooking all the next day, and having all your meals ready for the month. Once a Month Cooking, or something like that. I never got into that, although I thought about it! I just don't like cooking enough to spend a whole day doing it. What I did was make up a menu for the month, alternating meats and vegetarian dishes, and shop for the week based on my menu. I also hated staring at the fridge every day wondering what we were going to have, and the menu solved that problem. It also cut down on my grocery bill, as I'd stick to my weekly list and not try to improvise.