Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meat and Potatoes

Having used up all of the electrical impulses in my brain, and having nothing interesting to say, I still want to impart the following tidbit of trivia.

My co-workers are not used to seeing meat and potatoes in the same dish. Since I made food in batches, I tend to take the same thing frequently to work, and everyone I have eaten with, cannot identify and is surprised to see potatoes cooked together with ground beef. Yep, I like to save dishes. The more stuff I can throw in one pot - meat and vegetables, the fewer dishes to cook, the fewer dishes to store in the refrigerator, the fewer dishes to reheat, and the fewer dishes to wash.


Stephanie Hughes said...

Shasta, it is so true. I have friends at work that can't eat foods that touch each other. It makes me laugh at thier weird food styles. I grew up with meat and potatos or rice. My husband who is trying to watch his carb count is trying to get me to decrease how many carbs I do make. Take care, Steph

Allie said...

I for one am a HUGE fan of casseroles and crock pot meals - if I can throw it all in one dish, I'm happy!