Monday, April 19, 2010

Cooking Continues

I am really enjoying this idea of cooking once a week for the entire week. I freeze the meal into individual serving size containers, and a healthy lunch is very easy to pack, and dinner is easy too.

I got smart this week, and decided to double the recipe. Instead of making three different things out of a package of family sized meat, I decided to make two. Yesterday, I made chili and curry out of ground beef. I also bought a package of chicken which I have to cook today. The problem is, I kept running out of plastic containers. I bought another package of 5 when I went grocery shopping, but apparently I need more. I am hoping to also make salad and put them in individual packages in the refrigerator for quick lunch packing as well.

I used up the rewards for my Staples free stuff - I bought a clip on lamp for my sewing table, and head phones for Skype, and a snow scraper that was on clearance. They had a $10 coupon off $50 worth of stuff, so I managed to get a good deal on a good deal. I also bought a lot more free stuff from Office Depot, although they had a lot, and I restricted what I got. I still have some office things I want that can wait until the rebate comes in - a shelf, Adobe, and a small camera. I'll have to decide what I want when the rebate comes in.

The lawn has been mowed - half each day. Purple and yellow fabric has been washed. A few more seams have been sewn into the Quilts for Kids. Progress is slow but steady.

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Tanya said...

That I should be so organized. I'll give you some of my unused tupperware. All you have to do is fill it up for me!