Saturday, April 24, 2010


Back when I was making slide shows (not that I don't make slide shows anymore, it is just that I get my best ideas when I am in the middle of a project), I imagined making a slide show showing the progress for a quilt. All the way from the inspiration stage, the fabric selection, the cutting, etc. I imagined also including the part where the quilt was resting. The calendar pages would flip while the photo of the resting quilt would appear and reappear.

I am afraid that my kaleidoscope quilt is going to be sitting in this limbo state while I go through the peak season at work. We have finished the reading project, at least my part. I had a wonderful team. We finished third grade (we were the first ones done!), then our group helped another group finish fourth grade, and then I moved to seventh grade for a couple of hours. This weekend, I will try to help another group finish yet another reading project. Then next, I move on to another project, working on fourth grade math, the same one I worked on last year.

This is not a good type of quilt, and is not in a good state to be left waiting. It is a challenging quilt, and those types of quilts are best started while the excitement is at its peak, without thinking through the pros and cons, and the difficulties that are yet to be encountered. Hopefully that same excitement will be back when I finally get a chance to really work on it.

In the meantime, I asked my mother whether she would be willing to make some frozen dinners for me. I told her she could just freeze up a portion of whatever she was eating that day. She has a key to my house, and when she brought food (yes, it comes delivered!), she even washed the dishes (by hand) and cleaned my kitchen!

Maybe I will get to press the fabric and make small progress. Then I can show the quilt with time lapse photography. The photos are going to have to go really really fast to show any progress!

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Allie said...

Oh yes, the harder the quilt, the more challenging to keep the momentum going. Especially if you have to stop. Interesting idea to document it!
BTW, will your mum adopt me?