Friday, April 30, 2010

Quilting Update

It's Friday, so I am supposed to be showing you what I've sewed this week for Sew and Tell. Stay awhile, and when you're done reading my blog, be sure to go to Amy's blog to see what other, more productive, people have been sewing.

Sorry there isn't anything finished to show you. Progress has been slow here on the High Road. I am making four Quilts for Kids. The first one is a completed top, pressed and ready for sandwiching and quilting. Two of them have the blocks all together, and are waiting for pressing and borders. The last one has the blocks done, and is waiting to be put together into a top.

Plans and ideas have been completed for the optical illusion quilt. I am going to draw this out on a large sheet of paper so I can properly determine the size of all of the rows. I could try to do it math-wise, but I am a more visual person. Then I was thinking of making a small sample, using 60 degree angles, and just a few rows, to see if there is anything else I am supposed to be thinking of that I haven't.


Allie said...

Four quilts for kids? That's awesome! I can't wait to see your optical illusion quilt - it makes my head hurt just to think about the math involved.

Carla said...

But you have accomplished a lot this past week! All that brain power, few! :o)

Michelle said...

You've got a lot done! And for such a good cause. I think the key word here is "progress", not necessarily being completely finished.

Rene' said...

Can't wait to see the optical illusion quilt.