Sunday, April 18, 2010


This is where I work. Isn't it just beautiful? No I wasn't the last one to leave, there were a couple of cars behind me.

I'm feeling much better. The back pain is gone. There is just enough ache left to remind me to no overdo it. Then Thursday, I got an allergy attack. I sneezed all morning, even though I had taken an allergy pill. People really feel more sorry for me when I have allergy problems than when I have back problems. I would rather not have either problem, but I'm not used to back problems, and I don't like being in pain. Remember I work in an office with 350ish desks, everyone staring at the computer and very few people are talking. I took another allergy pill, because I knew I was bothering everyone, and by afternoon the allergies had subsided a bit, but I was really sleepy. I went straight to bed when I got home, woke up to eat, and went back to bed. Friday, I was better on both the back and the allergy. Sometime during the week, I bought fabric for the optical illusion quilt. Solid purple and pale yellow.

This weekend, I am anxious to get to work on finishing designing and starting to cut the optical illusion quilt. However, the lawn needs to be mowed, and groceries have to be shopped for, laundry needs to be done, and lunches have to be cooked and frozen. Some housecleaning wouldn't hurt either. And the Quilts for Kids are taking up sewing space and I want to make progress on those as well.

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