Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Thrift Store Adventures

Two random pictures in the same day: thrift store finds

I showed these cross stitch projects to you earlier. I  got them for great prices at the thrift store and they are now hanging in my guest room.

The other day I went to the same thrift store and picked up a baby quilt. It was a nine patch quilt in soft reds with a white background alternated with a solid white block. It was slightly faded and had some small stains on the back, but that made it more precious. It was well made and without a thorough examination, I didn't know if it was factory or home made.  It was a super price too, and I thought that I could find a use for it even though I don't have a baby to gift it to. 

I was walking around the store carrying it around (I don't get a cart unless I need it for something I really want to buy. It is my system of avoiding impulse purchases).  A lady asked about it and I told her she could have it.  She doesn't have a baby either but she said she would put it on her bed.

At least now I've made sure it got a good home.

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Kyle said...

It seems I rarely find good deals so I don't look much anymore. Cute story about the quilt. I was wondering why you didn't have a photo at the beginning. :0)