Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Day 4: 31 Day Blog Challenge

Random picture of the day: Pointless Puddle.

To give you some current quilt I progress, I went to find the projects I was working on before the big holiday gathering cleanup.  I apparently put it in a very safe place where I could easily pick up where I left off.  At this point, I have determined that Safe Spot is not in my sewing machine table drawers, and not in my sewing room.  But the good news is that the sewing room does look a little bit cleaner!

The end of the year is making me think about my annual goals, which leads me to my quilting spreadsheet. The one that tells me how long it takes for me to make a quilt (2 years on average).  I was looking at it the other day, and there is a quilt top on it that just needs to be quilted.   It's my oldest unfinished quilt. I know that finishing it will mess up my average, but it isn't getting any younger and even though I still don't know how I want to quilt it, I think I should just get it done.  Those calico fabrics aren't getting any younger!

It's a drunkard's path quilt, and it is so old, all my photos of it are in physical form! Looks like I was trying out different settings. It is dark now and there is no way I can get a good picture of it. At least it leaves you something to look forward to. The picture of the finished drunkard's path quilt shown earlier in this post is a child of this one, even though it was "born" earlier.

These blurry photos were also in with the drunkard path photos.  In duplicate, no less! So you can see how far I have come with my photo taking!

This blue at the front is what I got for the backing. I bought it this year. I think the  mottled fabric fits perfectly with the other mottled fabrics in the quilt. It is a backing fabric that was on clearance. When I checked it to see whether I needed to piece it, I saw that it was cut into two pieces. It was cut specifically for a certain quilt, but it works fine for my quilt.  It doesn't have as much excess around the width as I usually use, but I tend to use a lot and there is enough if I am careful.


Kyle said...

Sounds like your plan to finish this quilt isn't blurry anymore. Go for it.

Nancy in NV-wheres the dude at blogspot said...

Wow I can't believe it takes you 2 years average to complete a quilt. Is that because you have so many going at once like me? Ha. I'm finding that if I wait too long to complete something that I no longer feel the love for the project. How about you?