Thursday, December 6, 2018

Day 6: 31 Day Blog Challenge

Random photo of the day: The snow on the branches look like a chicken foot. It is also not from this winter.

In quilting news, I've been ironing the blues, but I don't have the ironing blues.  I pressed the backing for the drunkard path quilt and the binding for the Droid quilt.  I also pressed the Drunkard's path quilt top for good measure.  I need to come up with a better name for that quilt. The picture is from 2008, back when the walls weren't lime green. I've moved the ironing table farther to the left, away from the window now. I made new curtains for all the windows. And those longstanding WIPS have been put away and been replaced by new WIPs.

This picture is from before I pressed the fabric. No post-pressing pictures will be shown because then you will judge my ironing skills, and lack thereof.

I know I just showed you this picture, but it reminds me of a story.  Back around the time I was making this quilt, I was shopping at Joann's and this old lady and her husband were gathering bolts of fabric to take to the cutting counter. The store was having a sale, and I wanted to be helpful and run after this old lady to tell her that ALL of the fabric was on sale, and not just the ugly, older fabrics. She could buy pretty, modern fabric for the same price. The fabrics she was choosing looked like the purple fabric at the top of this picture. I only used it in my quilt because I was trying to use it up the stash.

Now, of course, I am probably the same age as the "old lady" and I just bought this backing fabric this year that looks like it fits perfectly with the blue and red fabric in the quilt. It's a good thing I didn't run after her because then it would be irony or something.

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Jeanne said...

Haha -- Old Lady fabric :) I'm afraid I have PLENTY of that in my stash!