Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas Quilts and More Magazine

Random picture of the day:

Random picture of the day: A mandala my sister made for me.

In order to give you content every day, today I present you a magazine, Christmas Quilts & More by Better Homes and Gardens.

Here's the table of contents. I love that it has photos so you can really see what is in the magazine.

This one is by Jo Kramer and Kelli Hanken, which is exciting because I follow her blog. Also because it looks like it would be quick to make, and versatile throughout the year.

Another red and white quilt. Most of the patterns in the magazine are takes on traditional patterns, so I probably have patterns like these in my library, but nice to look at and consider making anyway.

When I looked at my newly purchased fabric, I saw that I had bought a lot of tone-on-tone patterns which were pretty big when I just started quilting. I thought maybe I wasn't keeping up with the times, but most of the quilts in the magazine have tone-on-tone or solid prints.  There aren't a lot of multi-color fabrics in any of these quilts. All of these quilts look like they would play nicely with my stash.

There aren't a lot of multi-color quilts in the magazine. The ones that are there use brights, which also play nicely with my stash. This is a tree skirt.

I've been thinking about making small ornaments like these, pin cushions, bowl fillers.

I've had red and white quilts on the brain lately.  Partly because I have the fabric out for making those XX blocks, but also because there are several red and white block of the month programs going on that keep showing up on my Bloglovin' feed. So I pretty much turned all the quilts I saw into potential red and white quilts.

Another multi-colored one.  This one does have some patterned fabrics. It looks like a great way to use the holiday fabrics. Or you could use it for other festive occasions, like birthdays.

I like this one a lot. I haven't seen anything like this before.

I can see this one being made in reds too, or maybe yellows.


Fiona said...

The mandala is great..... good magazine, I will look out for it.... there are lots of things in there but I especially love the little scribble ornaments...

Libby in TN said...

I made the handwarmers from the magazine for my sewing group.

Emily said...

Vintage Holiday! I'm making that!!!!!! I have the applique done, I just need to figure out how to finish it. I love the sledding and the red & white two color design.