Thursday, December 20, 2018

Quilt Reveal: Rey and BB8 (and Death Star) from Star Wars

 I have finished binding the Droid quilt. Yes I labeled it Rey and BB8 (and Death Star) from Star Wars, because sometimes people need help figuring out what the quilt is about.

 Since you have seen the front so many times, let's take the time to admire the back, shall we?  The two shades of orange add a nice contrast and interest to the expanse of blue.  Did you notice that it is in a straight line and in a vertical position? That little flap of beige quilted down nicely without getting tangled and lets me add the labeling without any hand stitching.

Random picture of the day from the archives: Birds

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Fiona said...

Great quilt... lovely finish

Kim said...

Your Star Wars quilt is a fabulous finish. I do love the back and the quilting finishes off your quilt beautifully.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I like the back of your quilt. It had me thinking of a tunic, with the orange being the center front and maybe along the sides. I need to sew. Merry Christmas. :-)

Kaja said...

Lovely to see this finished. It looks great!

Emily said...

It looks fantastic! I especially love the death star. Lots of fun!